Ahmad Alhour

Hi, I'm Ahmad Alhour.

I am a software engineer, originally from Jordan, and currently living in Germany, where I build cool stuff at KI Labs.

In my free time, I like to read, work on my side projects, try solving recreational puzzles, explore different ways to brew my own coffee and practice martial arts.

I sometimes blog, mostly but not exclusively, about Computer Science and the craft of building Software.

Latest Talks & Trainings:

How to Become a Kickass Team Lead 101

PyCon X, Italy, 2019 (Slides)

Everything I learned about effective engineering leadership in my four years leading several engineering teams and projects at TrustYou, this talk contains a lot of information I acquired from personal experience, research, training and conversing with other team lead both inside and outside TrustYou.

Intro to Python for Non-Programmers

TrustYou HQ, Germany, 2017-2019

Full-day introductory training to the Python programming language and basics of programming for people who are interested in the subject but have never done anything related to it before and would like to explore it from a beginner's standpoint. This training was held at the TrustYou HQ office in Munich, Germany, once per quarter between 2017 and 2019.

Latest Projects:

  • »  C# Algorithms: Portable C# library of 35+ Data Structures and 30+ Algorithms
  • »  PyCOOLC: Compiler for the COOL Language, targeting the MIPS 32-bit arch
  • »  Assembler.hack: 16-bit machine code assembler for the Hack-Assembly Language
  • »  micro_kanren.py: Relational-Declarative Logic Programming DSL for Python 3
  • »  PBFI: Yet another interpreter for the BrainFuck Programming Language

For more projects, head over to /projects.

Latest Blog Posts:

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