Ahmad Alhour

Hi, I'm Ahmad Alhour.

I am a software engineer, originally from Amman, Jordan, and currently living in Munich, Germany, where I build cool stuff at TrustYou.

In my free time, I like to read, work on my side projects, try solving recreational puzzles, explore different ways to brew my own coffee and practice martial arts.

I sometimes blog, mostly but not exclusively, about Computer Science and the craft of building Software.

Latest Talks:

Latest Projects:

  • »  C# Algorithms: Portable C# library of 35+ Data Structures and 30+ Algorithms
  • »  PyCOOLC: Compiler for the COOL Language, targeting the MIPS 32-bit arch
  • »  Assembler.hack: 16-bit machine code assembler for the Hack-Assembly Language
  • »  micro_kanren.py: Relational-Declarative Logic Programming DSL for Python 3
  • »  PBFI: Yet another interpreter for the BrainFuck Programming Language

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Latest Blog Posts:

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